denim patchwork

  1. The SA at my local LV said that the only style that has shipped from France for denim patchwork line is the little handbag. I'm assuming it's the pouchy one like this:

    They also said all the other styles are supposed to be coming in the next few weeks.
  2. Do you know the retail?
  3. I love this!!! Not sure what the real retail is, but it is very pretty!
  4. It retails for 780 Euros...
  5. £555 (approx $1820 but that's arough conversion)

    Patchwork will be released on the 1st April
  6. ^Do you happen to have pics of both blue and gray speedy? I'm def. getting a speedy, but not sure which color I should choose.
  7. I love the Patchwork line! I hope some of you get it.