Denim Patchwork Speedy - Are they out yet?

  1. Has anyone on the wait list for the denim patchwork speedy got a call from the boutique? I am waiting and waiting and my patience is about to run out.

    I was at the boutique sometime last week and they had the small one (the smallest of the patchwork line called i think the pouchy?) and personally I wasn't too impressed with that one. I just wanna take a look at the speedy IRL and decide...otherwise I just wanna get the monogram carryall.....

    Anyone out there got one already? If yes, post some pics plz~!!!
  2. Nope. Still waiting. I was just at LV 2 days ago and they hadn't received any yet.
  3. Same - I was in my local boutique last Friday and nothing yet.
  4. yeah i was there few days ago, only the pouchy, i wasn't impressed with this one either.
  5. Oh...OK..thanks guys.....

    I hate waiting.....sometimes my patience run out and end up spending on something else........that should not happen this time...hehe..... : )
  6. I was at LV in San Francisco this afternoon, and no sign of the denim patchwork speedy.
  7. I was told Apr.1st is Patchwork launching date. My store hasn't received Speedy yet either.
  8. I don't think they're out yet.. maybe Apr. 1? Right???
  9. Did anyone receive a call for Patchwork Speedy???
    I'm really running out of patience!!!!!
  10. Spoke to my store yesterday too they haven't received any yet but as far as they are aware it is still on track for April 1st
  11. Yeah, that's the exact same answer I received from the store. Soooo irritating!!!:cursing:
  12. They have informed me here that the S/S next release items have been delayed ...anyone have more info on this??? They think maybe mid next month for the Street pm and Love bags .... I hope this is not true:confused1:
  13. I received the call for my blue Patchwork Pouchy today. Hope I'll like it in IRL. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.
  14. ^^Ooh good to hear. maybe that means the others are soon to come out too (bowly and speedy)
  15. Hi my fellow lv lovers!
    Do the patchwork speedy only come in grey?