Denim Patchwork Shoe pics

  1. Any ladies going to get these to go with their new patchwork bag?

    Both come in Black and Blue. I LOVE the heel!

  2. I usually like pretty simple shoes (basic jimmy choo black pump) but the heels are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
  3. I like the bags more than the shoes... :s
  4. I'm not really feeling the whole patchwork thing, somehow it just doesn't look right. I think the best denim that's ever been done has been the cruise denim collection.
  5. It's a little too hodge-podgey for me.
  6. I'm not too fond of the shoes ^^^ agree
  7. Yeah I don't like these either. Bleh.
  8. ita. i saw the shoes irl and they just don't do it for me. i feel like i've seen it before. and i'm a little tired of the demin. :sad:
  9. OMG, those Pumps are calling my name! :nuts:
  10. Love the denim patchwork shoes!
  11. These shoes are so not cute.
  12. I love the blue ones, when are the going to be available, and do you know the cost. I saw them the other day on and i fell in love. Thanx !!!
  13. I actually like the shoes better than the bags.
  14. dOESNT scream at me
  15. Flats might be cute if not patchwork..