Denim patchwork hat...opinions needed!

  1. I have been eyeing the denim patchwork hat (the one with the two purple flowers on it) for a while; there are some who totally hate the hat, but for me I actually thought it is rather cute. :confused1: I just wasn't sure about the abundance of logo print on the front and the cheetah print on the side. What do you gals think? Any help will be greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. Personally, I am not a huge fan of hats. I do not own any and probably never will. However, if you like it you should get it! You should buy what YOU like!! :yes:
  3. I would love to see a pic. Is it @ the outlets now?
  4. It's cute. I prefer the plainer styles. And I did see it at the outlet in Gilroy last night (with an extra 20% off!)
  5. i saw it at the outlet and could kick myself for not getting it!! it is soooo cute much better than the other coach hats IMO... the shape says something and also the patchwork is less severe than on the bags
  6. I think it's cute. I'd probably never it wear it... I'm more into the plain signature styles. The patchwork appeals to me a lot more on the hat than on the bags though.
  7. Thank you all! I loved the style and the color but I wasn't sure about the design. Thought it might be too busy for my head. But I do like the design on the hat better than on the bags too. :smile: Think this hat should be in the outlets by now? I saw a few on eBay recently...but arrgh, so far away from a coach outlet...

    The picture on the Coach website is gone?! I just saw it a while ago...I'll just post a pic from eBay here for reference; hope that's okay.
  8. So how much is this hat at the outlets?! An extra 20% too...oooh :drool:
  9. I think it's cute, and would be an awesome casual hat. :smile: Remember to post pictures if/when you get it!
  10. at the outlet it was like 49.99 + 20% off so that makes it 39.9
  11. Not a fan myself. But if you love it, get it!
  12. 39.90?! :wtf: Why, oh why are the coach outlets so far away...?! :crybaby: I'll just figure out how to get there sometime...:sneaky:
  13. Do you know if it was size M/L or P/S? I have a rather large head so I think only M/L can fit me :sweatdrop: Do they do chargesends?
  14. I have the Holiday patchwork hat too, so still debating...:sweatdrop:
  15. I agree. But then again, If I ever wear hats it's more of a cap... And I rarely do that as well.