Denim Patchwork Bowling $2380 ????

  1. Hi - I was wondering if anyone knew the dimensions of this bag. I saw a picture on one of the look book threads and it looks similar to a Speedy 30 with a front pocket at longer handles, but the Speedy 30 has a much lower price tag....which makes me wonder it it's more of an overnighter?
    Any idea?
  2. I don't know anything about this particular bag, but the patchwork denim speedy has been raised to 1890....not far from this price tag of 2380! Hope that helps some? LOL
  3. Yes this does help. And Thank You!
  4. yes its 1890 ..
  5. wow. too much for something that isnt very practical for every day..
  6. really need to see it IRL
    no one have see the real piece yet
  7. After contemplation I took my name off the waitlist for the patchwork speedy....too much $$ for something that I couldn't see myself carrying in 5 years!
  8. I love this bag!
  9. I'm not exactly in love with that bag especially for that price tag.
  10. I saw the bowling bag IRL and I love it.:heart:

    You can totally wear this bag everday. Its no bigger that a Cabas Mezzo.
    I love it. Getting one!! :yes:

    The speedy was very cute too...........