denim patch owners - or those in the know...

  1. hello all--- :smile:

    ok- i got a blue denim patch speedy:heart: and the luggage tag is all denim. (im waiting for the bowly too!!! can;t decide :graucho: )

    however- i saw an add of the grey denim patch speedy (elle may 2007) and saw that the luggage tag had a gold lv plate on it. :wtf: then i also searched (on lv website)and found the grey bowly (not the blue bowly) to have a luggage tag with the gold plate on it too:wtf: .....

    my question- is the grey denim patch getting gold plates on their luggage tags and not the blue denim bags...:shrugs:

    i went to my lv store and asked the manager and my fav sa--- both don't know and will ask. but i thought i'd ask here and see if anyone else noticed.

    pls share ur thoughts or what u know.... thx in advance!:yes:
  2. I saw the same thing, the 2 page ad with Scarlet swinging on the rope and the hang tag with the polished plate on it......I've been waiting to see it myself, my boutique still hasn't recieved a Grey Speedy in, they did however get a Grey Bowly in and it didn't have the I'll guess we'll have to see....either someone on the board has the bag now and knows the answer, or I'll wait untill one comes in for me to see.....

    it's a cool look and I was disapointed a little that the Blue one didn't come with one when I got it for my wife....
  3. I am STILL waiting for my store to get the grey speedy's the wait is driving me absolutely insane. but to answer the question I don't know if they are coming like that or if it was a prototype model sometimes the ad and web pics don't match the bags exactely this is to throw of the fakers
  4. I am waiting for the grey also but agree with Label perhaps the pic was a prototype that wasn't made! I doubt that the grey will be different from the blue.
  5. I saw the grey speedy IRL and I don't believe it had the gold plate. I noticed that too in the ad. It was on hold for someone else, so I didn't get to play with the bag much. Just held it up and looked in the mirror. It was gorgeous! I have the blue, but I'd kill to have the grey, too. I wish they weren't so pricey!!
  6. No. there is no gold plate on the tag. Wish they could've put it on the actual bag.
  7. OMG!!!! :sad: im so disaappointed to hear this! i know that they do lots of CRAZY things for the rtw!:rolleyes: but this time it is so sadddddd!!! i really like that gold plate. ok im waiting for the bowly- blue or blue. and will let u know.

    thx all.

  8. Yea, my SA said that sometimes they change some things from the proto's (i.e. ad bags) to the real deal.....I would think that they would have alot of those plates laying around from the Rivite bag and others, it's a shame, it was a nice detail that I spotted right off and liked.....
  9. I saw the blue on someone here, and it does seem to match the jeans she was wearing. She was in her 40s, and yet the denim patchwork doesn't seem to look out of place at all. For sure no gold tag on hers, and I think the grey which I prefer is also the same.
  10. I have the bowlys and there is no gold plate
  11. I'm suprised that NO ONE has posted pics yet of the Grey Speedy.......are they out there??, I have yet to even see one on eBay for sale and my boutique has yet to get one as well......whats the deal???

    maybe they are re-thinking the plack thing..LOL...:rolleyes:

    maybe they sold all of them to Scarlet to pass out to friends.......
  12. I got a call that one was in at Neiman Marcus, but I passed. I have the blue.