Denim Owners in General & Cabby MM Owners Specifically...

  1. Couple questions before I buy this bag next week...

    1. Can I carry it in the rain? Will I damage the denim at all? (I've never owned a denim bag before!!!)

    2. How much crap can I fit in the MM? I need fit in the following:
    small mono agenda
    regular cles
    compact zip
    and if I can squeeze the mkeup pouch

    So...will it work???

    And is the black denim floating around...or do I have to waitlist somewhere?
  2. I have a baggy pm and a mini pleaty, I have already used them during rainy days and have no problem so far.
  3. I don't see why it would nothing happens to your jeans when they get wet but personally I don't like to carry it in the rain but mine has vachetta
  4. Hi Twiggers--

    I have the Neo Speedy, the Baggy PM and the Cabby MM. I wear them in the rain although I feel most comfortable using the Cabby MM in the rain since it doesn't have any vachetta.

    I can fit the same in all three although the Baggy is the the smallest of the three. The Cabby is the heaviest of all three bags because of the hardware. I can carry it in the hand as well as the shoulder using the two handle straps and on my shoulder with the long strap. You can't use the MM across the body but with the GM you can.

    TOday in my Cabby I have: my Pomme French Purse, My small Framose agenda, my mini pochette with some junks inside, my key holder, my coach pill case, my ipod, my sunnies case, my diabetic testing case, and there's still a lot more space for other things. I'll try and take a pic.
  5. I have the Black Neo Cabby MM and love it. I don't worry about it raining as I have no vachetta. I also have the blue denim pleaty and have used it in the rain with no problems.

    I'm not sure if you can get the MM Black Cabby right away or if you would need to w/l for it.

    I have my Porte-Tresor wallet, iphone, Maui Jim eyeglass case (big blue one), checkbook, keys & lipgloss and there still is a lot of space. Here are some pics:
    P1010723.jpg P1010717.jpg
  6. If you're buying the black denim yes you could carry it in the rain without damage.

    The only issue with the blue of course is the handles.

    You could fit that stuff in the denim neo speedy so you'd have no issue in the Cabby mm :smile:
    Congrat's on your upcoming bag :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone!!!! My Chloe bag came today...I'm ordering a couple Bbags next I need to get my LV fix in too!!!!

    Do y'all think the black denim is a 'go with everything' kind of bag?
  8. i wear my denim bags rain or shine without a problem. I am currently wait listed for the cabby. I am hoping they call me around the end of Sept.
  9. I know they say it is black but it really has a nice bluish tinge to the dye. It goes really well with most colours, and looks especially great with jeans. I love jeans!!!! I don't think it would look that great with a really dressy outfit but that's just my opinion. I hate really dressy!
  10. I would say it goes with a lot of outfits. I agree about it not really meant for a more elegant evening out (I think more so because of the size), but for everyday use....THE BEST!
  11. the rain has never damaged my Denim Neo-Speedy, and i just bought the Denim Neo-Cabby MM today so i can tell you that i can fit all the items you listed, because i for one carry everything but the kitchen sink with me
  12. I LIVE in the black cabby can get wet AND it carries ALL MY JUNK!LOL!(no worryin about my vachetta!)
  13. Thanks everyone!!!! Now I just have to see if I can find one in the US!
  14. It even says in the little booklet that the black denim is water resistant or treated....something like that. I read it while I was bored in the car last weekend. The Cabby MM holds a lot and I also love that i dont have to worry about the vachetta. Yay!
  15. I think you could fit atleats 2 of all of the items in the cabby mm! It is a GREAT bag! So cute on and off! The rain won't hurt it, especially in the black denim because the leather is treated! LOVE IT!!!! You will too!