Denim owners and others- is this a good buy??


    I know its authentic, but I was wondering about the may just be the lighting in the photos but the denim looks a little washed out/faded to me?? Blue denim owners, how are yours holding up? Are they darker, the same, lighter than this? Any other comments on the bag are welcome! TIA:smile:

    EDIT: Or should I get this one which would cost me like 40-45$ less than the the first one because id order straight from let-trade's website :

    Which ones in better condition in your opinion?
  2. I'd get on the one from let trade!!!
  3. You think let-trade's is in better condition? Do either of them look faded? I think its my eyes lol:push:
  4. Anyone else?? I hate it when threads are in the shopping section less people come! Oh well...
  5. Dont all the denim bags are different from each other??, Something about stonewhasing makes them unique.
  6. Hard decision. Let-trade's one looks like it has a new strap but the other one looks like it has a darker denim.I don't have blue, only Lichen and black Denim. If you don't expose them to too much sun they should be fine.(if you're worrying about fading) Good luck with your decision.
  7. I think the Let-Trade one looks better, patina lighter and the corners don't look rubbed. I would email him and ask for any wear/marks etc. Sometimes it doesn't show in the pictures. He might take a bit to reply, but I have asked about a few items and he mentions the small details even though the description doesn't say much.
  8. ^^ Yes ive purchased from him before he was quite nice! We will see, he also has a Denim Baggy GM on his site which is interesting too...ah I can never make my mind up! :smile:
  9. I would get the one off let-trade