Denim or MC???

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Denim or MC???

  1. Denim

  2. MC

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  1. Hello! I need your help deciding what bag to get. I would like to get one from either of these lines. I was interested in the Denim Baggy PM/GM or the MC Petite Noe. Which do you think would be better to get first and why? I am open to either. Thanks for your help.
  2. Denim is waaay more practical, but the noe is a cuter shape.
    i accidentally voted denim, but i meant to say MC!
  3. Get the denim first, especially if you are thinking of getting the fuschia or the green color. These two are seasonal colors and will no longer be available once the inventory is sold out.

    The MC Petite Noe will be around for awhile so you'll have time to get that after you get your denim piece. Keep in mind that there will be a new denim zippy wallet coming out in the coming months, too.

    Good luck with your decision! Either way, you'll have a beautiful LV bag!!!
  4. Normally I would choose MC over denim but since you are looking at the petit noe I chose denim

    The petit noe has vachetta on the bottom and would be really high maintenance

    The denim shoulder bags are so cute (I have two) and they hold a ton.
  5. I like petite noe better.
  6. I like the Denim one better.
  7. I say denim, and I'm dying to buy something denim myself! :biggrin:
  8. My vote is for the MC Noe.
  9. i like both lolz but petite noe in black mc is sooo stunning! :smile:
  10. MC is a better investment IMO.The durability factor, but I have this so already, so I opt for the Denim.
  11. I also want a piece from the denim collection! But as for GM or PM, it depends on what you carry. Pm if you have less stuff and GM for if you have more.
    If you get the GM you could use the front pocket to put your wallet and use the big pocket to put your sweater or whatever, something that you wouldn't need quickly, cause that space is deep. You should try it out, see which one you'd like better, which one looks good on you etc. and then decide on color, do you want a blue (which will always be around) or one of the limted eds?
    good luck!
  12. Do the multi color first,it is so beautiful.
  13. MC all the way. Sorry, I just can't get into denim at all <ducking for cover.>
  14. i vote for denim!!! no worries about the LV's rubbing off!
  15. I like the multicolor.