Denim on Elux ....

Thanks for the heads up. Didn't see the custom mini pleaty though. :hysteric: They also have mono Stephen! :love: And I love the Damier Saleya GM. :graucho: Think I'll order them all!!!! (I wish)
OH!!!! That big Denim cruise...I LOVE gives me butterflys in my tummy. UGHHHH I do not need another bag!! I just got my Mirior speedy and a gold pap on the way...I MUST NOT BUY THIS ....NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NNNO NO!!!!!!!!
I got one!!!

Thanks to Bagfetish. But I'm still on the fence. I grabbed it anyway b-cuz elux' s return policy gives me more time to decide than LV

Jamie-- if I decide that I don't love it and you still have not found one I'll let you know before I send it back....:heart: tax with elux:yes: