Denim neo cabby owners?

  1. I am thinking about buying this bag and I want to know how long the strap is? Can it fit over as a cross body handbag? Should I get the blue denim or the black? Thanks:confused1:
  2. The strap is long enough to carry cross body, and you can shorten it too. I don't attach the long strap, the handles fit over my shoulder! I am not a fan of the blue, mine is black and I LoVe it!!
  3. imo, black is much nicer. the gm strap is long enough to be worn as a messenger, the mm is only a shoulder bag, both are very nice.
  4. I have the black and absolutely love it!! Great everyday bag. The MM has the strap, but it won't fit across your body, I believe the GM does. I have the MM!

  5. i have the black MM and i love it; it's so much more unique than the blue. only the GM has a strap that's long enough to be worn across the body.
  6. as the other lades have said the gm has a strap that can be worn cross-body. i have an mm in black and absolutely love it :smile:
  7. Yes, it is the GM that has the strap that can be worn across the body. One thing I have noticed is that the GM does look too large (out of proportion), for my friends that are petite. I am taller and wider (hee hee), so it suits me very well. I also have the black and I am very happy with it. I had been putting off buying a denim LV for the longest time because I was not sure that I would use the blue. When the black came out I jumped for it. It is a wonderful bag!
  8. I have the black MM and love it. This bag was made to be in black, IMO.
  9. I have the black and love it!!!! I think it's so chic!
  10. Love the black
  11. Got the GM as I love to have a bag that can be worn across the body.
    Didn't think that the GM is too big for me!

    Got the Black too... LOVE IT!
  12. Can we have pixs of it being worn across the body? My boutiques are all sold out on this model. I am dying to see it
  13. Sure is

    BTW this isnt my picture, I copied from the clubhouse thread.
  14. Excuse me if this is a silly question - but is the neo cabby still available in black or was it from a previous season? I only see it listed now in the denim. (New to LV and still learning lol) ;)
  15. ^^^ Yes, still available in black - this style was just released

    Try calling your local LV and see what they have in stock