Denim Néo Cabby GM or MM? Questions!?

  1. After looking at all the great bags on here, I am even more confused, GM or MM. I carry a cabas mezzo everyday and LOVE it. The size is great for me. So I am used to big bags, I worry that the MM won't be big enough. The diamensions are 15.3"X14"x4.7" for the MM. The GM are 17.5"X12.8"X4.7". So not a huge difference. The main thing is that I want the shoulder strap to fit like the mezzo one, not cross the body. The handles would be for carrying them only for me, the rolled handles on a shoulder aggrevate me. I want the long strap to fit like a shoulder bag...if that makes sense. Can you wear the GM on the shoulder like a normal bag or is the strap to long? Then I wondered if I could take the long shoulder strap and have additional holes put in it to make it shorter, or would this ruin it? Has anyone done this before? Thanks again!!!
  2. if you check the clubhouse you'll see pic's there of both.
    I think you can wear the gm on your shoulder but if you're on the tiny size. I might be wrong though.
  3. the shoulder strap is adjustable. i don't know what the shortest length for the GM is, but i think if you put it to the very shortest it can be worn as a shoulder bag instead of a messenger
  4. I am 5 feet tall and tried on the GM with the shoulder strap it was long on me, and looked huge. If you're 5 feet 3 or taller it'd prob. look fine.
  5. gm all the way -- to me, it just has more style.... good luck
  6. If you like the mezzo then you should go with the GM!
  7. I'm 5'5" and I have the GM. I carry it as a shoulder bag/messenger/handles on shoulder and hand held. It all looks great to me. Rileygirl is right if you're around 5 feet it might be overpowering. I am sure there would be no problem addidng an extra couple of holes. LV might be able to do this for you??? Check the neo cabby club, you'll get more info/pictures checking there. Best of all go to LV and try the bags on IRL - that's the best solution.
  8. I love the look of the mm more...
  9. I love the look of the MM, too.