Denim Mini--Worth the dough?

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  1. Hey girls and boys, I have been obsessing over this tiny little treasure on elux for days now, but can't bring myself to drop over 300 on it. Anyone have it? What do you girls think?? :shrugs:

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  2. I love it, but I agree it is a bit much for such a small piece. What would you use it for, if you have a reason to use it a lot, I would go for it!
  3. i think its soo cute too...
    now if i had a lot of money....
    maybe wait another month and see what u think... its not going away netime soon!
  4. Yeah, $330 is too steep for me for a keyring/coin purse. Because $150 can get you a damier cles. I am obsessed over the denim pleaty right now!! But I'm saving up for a Bbag first. HEHE
  5. It's really cute...
  6. It is so cute.
  7. It is really cute, I agree. I would love to have it to just match my denim purses and store my bluetooth, but the price is pricey! :P

    But then a part of me (the bad addicted-to-LV side - lol) says to get it because it really is cute and you are obsessing over it. So just make yourself happy and get this cute thing!!

    I may eventually get it.....ha!
  8. nah, save up for a BAG! lol
  9. cute but would rather alocate the money for something else
  10. I bought one to use with my denim Neo Speedy. I haven't used it yet though...but it can fit little trinkets such as lipgloss and keys. It's really cute and I'm a big fan of matching accessories, so I had to have it! :nuts:
  11. its so cute, but you can get wayyy more practical (but maybe not as adorable) things for that kind ofmoney
  12. I would pass on it for the denim flat pouch or save alittle more money and get a denim mini pleaty
  13. I think it´s overpriced. Not really useful.
  14. It's adorable, but I'd rather save a bit more and get myself a bag!
  15. I agree with everyone else- it's cute but waaaay over-priced.