Denim mini skirt???

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  1. I want a really cute denim mini skirt and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Has anyone seen one anywhere?? TIA....
  2. Well, how much are you looking to spend, are you open to buying clothes from eBay, and if so, what size are you looking for?

    I have a Citizens of Humanity jean skirt from two years ago that I love to bits and pieces but they no longer make it. I ended up buying a backup skirt (the exact same one) just in case!

    If you're in a pinch, I would try Abercrombie... Most of their clothes just scream ABERCROMBIE to me though. It is rather hard to find a nice denim skirt...

    Here's an eBay auction for the Citizens of Humanity skirt I have (it already ended, at a great price):
  3. Have you checked Forever 21?
  4. Forever 21 && Abercrombie has a cute white destroyed one which im eyeing to buy..
  5. abercrombie (and fitch), love their denim skirt and i only buy from them
  6. ^^ yup, agreed. Abercrombie wins hands down!
  7. Normally I won't even look at anything but designer denim, but I actually bought a super cute denim skirt from Old Navy about a week ago. It was only $24!
  8. if you are looking for super short ones, the R&R vetter skirt is perfect...
  9. hollister has a few and they are pretty cheap
  10. All of the ones below are on sale!

    great wash on this true religion pair, and on sale too.

    another cute one on sale from diesel.'new_karma'_denim_miniskirt:204918&cm_ven=Linkshare&mr:referralID=32501770-0710-11dd-8103-000423bb4e79

    here's a brightly colored one perfect for spring/summer from coh, but the site is down right now.

    here's a classic dark wash one from luella
  11. levi's?
  12. Great finds, Randr21. Clearly you're a budding stylist.
  13. American Eagle has inexpensive ones, I have had a few from them and they are pretty cute.
  14. Ann Taylor Loft has cute ones.