denim mini pleaty

  1. hey ladies...i was considering getting the denin mini pleaty (well actually i've been thinking about it for awhile) cuz i love the shape and i was wondering if it's able to fit a long thin wallet like this one


    and also how hard is it to keep the micro-fiber lining clean?.......can i spray it with something (if definitely plan to spray the outside if i get one)

    oh and does anybody know if like as part of its repairs service LV will replace linings to bags?

    thanks everyone :shame:
  2. oh and also could you ladies help me out with the authenticity of this one?........i've asked for more photos but dunno if i'm gonna get them (her photos are pretty bad...she obviously hasn't read fayden's taking good photos thread :lol:)

  3. jc there's someone on LJ selling their denim mini pleaty for $400shipped.

    want their email address?
  4. oooh yes i do :P i think ayla mentioned them to me as well.......what is LJ tho? :shame:
  5. =)

    I'll PM you the entry and her email address
  6. ohhhhh.....thanks jen :shame: this is the only forum i've been on so i'm totally oblivious to the others ones....i've heard of LVLU and that's about it :shame:
  7. no problem JC. you have PM!
  8. I knew everyone would help ya.
  9. purselova you were so right....but her pictures are too blurry to be of much use....hopefully if the one jen referred me to is in relatively new condition, i can get that one and not have to deal with this one :P
  10. ^^^I'm hoping you hit the jackpot. For someone who love their uniqueness, I sure want everyone to have the mini pleaty. :lol: LV is so great. :love:
  11. LV is great.....i :love: them cuz they were my first designer love......BUT......i had another question i'm sosososo torn......i'm trying to cut back on the spending so it's either the mini pleaty or a chanel belt and cuff.......saw the cuff in one of cristina's threads and fell in love and i've been dying for a chanel belt.....


    but then if i buy the cuff and belt i'll have to buy a chanel bag since i don't have one yet :lol:
  12. I never have heard of live journal...what is that?
  13. :nuts: The only thing I :love: more than LV is Chanel! I'd have to say, you like both equally, go with the Chanel. I'm sure that will look awesome on you. :amuse: Please post a picture of it on, if you decide to get it. No worries if you get the mini pleaty, that's awesome, too! :love:
  14. :nuts: Yay, another cuff lover! :P As cute as I think the denim mini pleaty is, I say go with the Chanel belt and cuff :love: But I'm into other accessories like belts and jewelry lately. I'm trying to enjoy the bags I have instead of buying new ones.
  15. if i do decide to get it, i'll either be picking it up at the forum meeting (since i have exams and so hafta be a hermit until then), or if i do get to buy it beforehand i'll probably be wearing it at the forum meeting, so either way you shoudl get to see it :lol: