denim mini pleaty

  1. i really want a denim mini pleaty in either fuschia or denim, and i have a few questions. 1. can you wear the denim (just regular) with jeans or is that too much in an outfit. 2. i searched for people with modeling pics but i just couldnt find any so if any one has some i would definitely love to see. 3. i was also wondering if it fits alot for a small bag. im so used to large bags but i definitely cant afford a large denim and i just want the denim so bad ! thanks for all your help.
  2. I absolutely love my denim mini pleaty!!!!And yes,you can wear it with your jeans---it looks hot!!!!!And yes,it fits a lot----i can fit my wallet,cell phone ,sun glasses ,few cosmetic things.So my advise is---go for it!!!!!! It is absiolutely hot,adorable,useful little bag!!!!!I use mine every single day!!!!!!!It is sooooooooooo comfy and can take a lot of " beating'"!!! i just through mine 360 degrees and i have no worries about vachetta or anything like this!!!!!! Its the best!!!!!!!(Sorry my english---its my second language as i always say!!);)
  3. i have a denim mini pleaty in regular denim. i love it. its a very durable, yet cute bag. i can fit my pochette wallet, cles, and cell phone in there. if you have a smaller wallet then you can fit more items for sure. and as for wearing them with jeans, definitely doable.
  4. little panda youre a life saver ! that makes me want the fuschia even more !!

    im getting a pouchette cles to replace my coach mini skinny and i just keep my money and debit card in there so that saves alot of room.

    it really needs to fit a pouchette cles, chunky pda cellphone, a makeup bag !

    yes ?

  5. I think that should all fit, but it depends on how big your makeup bag is. I can fit my phone, small makeup bag (about 1.5x the size of the cles), epi ludlow wallet, and big keyring with a fair amt. of keys on it. I think I even fit my sunglasses in there with all that once. The size of the Mini Pleaty is deceptive, the materials and shape allow it to expand. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions :flowers:
  6. yeah everything should fit bc im going shopping in two weeks and im getting:

    pouchette cles
    damier pouchette cosmetique
    coach sunnies

    so it sounds like all that should fit and im ecstatic !!

    thank you sooo much for all your help !
  7. I find that it can depend on how much denim you're wearing. A girlfriend of mine was wearing jeans and a jean jacket with her pleaty and it was just overkill in my eyes. Go with the fuschia it is so so so very pretty IMO
  8. I wear my Denim Baggy PM with jeans.. it still looks great!
  9. Thanks for you post because I would love to know all these things as well!

    I love the denim too but it's just soooo expensive for denim!
  10. love the littlepanda's fuschia pleaty bag! lovely! u should have it!
  11. i had one, but it was WAY too expensive, so I had to return it :crybabay: I miss it :crybaby:

    I could fit my Wapity, and small cellphone, and a cles into it
  12. I love the bag! Especially the fuschia one! And it looks great with everything.
  13. I would get the fuschia in this style. Great bag!
  14. It will look fab with jeans - go for it!