Denim Mini Pleaty, still haven't gotten one yet!

  1. OK, I was thinking I would get this bag soon, but I haven't brought myself to do it yet :confused1: I think I'm still not sure about the denim (thinking either green or blue) and every time I play with one @ the store I think it's adorable, but I'm not compelled to leave with it.....Does anyone have one, I love the size, but the clasp seems a little bit annoying to get in and out of the bag with since the bag is not structured and kinda mushy, I find myself having a hard time with that everytime I play with it, plus I've filled one up and it seems a little sloppy.....I'm thinking of getting two bags in the near future, one will be the Reade pm in perle (I think) and then I was thinking the mini pleaty too, but now I'm thinking I may just get a Lexington pochette in noisette (or vice versa/reade noisette, lexington perle) since I have always wanted a Lexington, I don't care how small it is.......Plus I'm kinda anti buying majorly Logo'd items right now and love how vernis is a solid color.....Sorry so long, I know in the end I will buy whats right for me, but I kinda just want some final mini pleaty experience/input before I totally knock it out.....thanks:flowers:
  2. Haha.. a lot of what you've said is what I've been thinking about this bag as well. I really do like, but I just never managed to buy it. :\
  3. I had one but ended up selling it cause I didn't use it enough. (too small). I use the baggy gm alot instead. Have it in blue.
  4. Aww. I have a lot of love for the mini pleaty, and it is really cute, but if it hasn't won your heart, then nooo...get the lexington! especially since you've always wanted one!
  5. I saw these Mini Pleatys in the LV store last time, but they were lying in one of the store displays and looking very flattened. How large is it anyway when stuffed? About 2 times or 3 times roomier than the basic Mono Pochette, or? :s
  6. I am the same way with the denim. I've wanted a denim bag since they came out and I almost bought one but they decided not to. I just always seem to find something else I want just a litte bit more. If you are not into logos right now then I would stay away from it.
  7. Thanks girls, I dunno what it is, it's a perfect size little bag for me, but I guess I tend to go for more structured or classic bags from LV which I think is what attracted me to LV to begin with, the denim line just isn't that "classic" LV or structured in my opinion so I'm having a hard time following through with it...I think I need to stick to Chloe and Balenciaga for my less structured bags.... So I'm going to put my money toward building my little vernis collection and forget about owning anything in Denim, Plus I still have a hard time getting past the fact that I carried a denim bag (oh yeah, acid washed too!) in like 8th grade soooooooooo heavy metal 80's:lol: :P :rolleyes:
  8. That is such a tough decision! If I was your SA... I'd be as stumped as you as we lay out a green and blue Mini Pleaty and the Lexington ... I'd have a blank stare on my face! LOL, but in the best interest for you - totally go with what you've always wanted you know?

    Either way you go - you will love love love your purchase!
  9. Cool, I'm glad it's not just me on the denim.....I put A LOT of thought into my purchases, probably too much, but I don't sell bags so I like to be totally sure I LOVE it before I make a decision! One question I always ask myself is....Do I see myself using this in 5-10 years, and I can't say yes to that answer on the denim......
  10. Your so sweet:smile: , I wish I could buy my bags from you! Maybe next time I'm in CA to visit my aunt and best friend I'll have to make a trip a little north (I'll be in SanDiego)!

    I would only even consider a very dark blue one or the green and the green will be gone soon, it's already been stolen from my elux shopping bag:yucky: so I think I'm gonna leave it up to fate.....and I have to say I'm sooooo lovin vernis right now and vernis is much for classic and versatile in my opinion!
  11. Lol I really want one..I keep watching them change it around in the FV store..from highest shelf to lowest shelf by the door, then back on the shelves directly across from the jewelry area. I do want one but I ended up getting my Chanel shoes a couple weeks ago instead lol.
  12. I have the green mini pleaty. I really love it. I tend to buy very conservative and practical bags so I guess this is my "fun" bag. All my other bags are black, brown, beige, white. I don't know what drew me to this bag. Actually it's not that small. I can easily fit my wallet, phone and a few tiny items. I hope you get what you really LOVE, if you're on the fence then I don't think you LOVE it, so you're better off waiting for something else.
  13. Oh, I had to erase what I wrote, I'm really trying to talk myself out of this, grrrr, it's not THAT important, I guess I do really like it otherwise I wouldn't be obsessing over it:confused1: I was going to get a wapity next week on elux, but if the green is still there maybe I'll just get it! I'm making myself wait until the 18th though, I have no choice:sweatdrop:
  14. go for the green denim its adorble!!!!!! u may want it when they dont have it nemore
  15. Hmmm, you do already have the lexington pochette though, and even though you've told me how small it is, I still kinda don't care, that's what I have all my teeny card cases for, to use in my teeny bags! As long as I can fit my cell, a compact, and a card case I'm set and I know I can fit that in the lexington......grrrrrr, I guess if I could justify them all I would buy them all, but I think I want to get a little Chanel sumtin soon too:s

    Oh forget it:wtf: I'll figure out how to get it all! May have to hold off on Chanel, there's nothing chanel I'm obsessed with right now anyway, certainly nothing in this price range....well there's a clutch, but it's not really something I would use a lot, OK I'll stop now, thanks for your help everyone!