Denim Mini Pleaty - Questions

  1. I just realised the Denim Cruise Mini Pleaty with charms is really nice!..
    The mini pleaty reminds me of the Fendi Mama Shape... do you agree?
    can I check if the mini pleaty with charms is a limited edition and whethr it is still in stores? Do you have the price for that pls? Thanks!
  2. yes it's limited edition, and it's $2590. wheni got mine there was still one left in the store. you can call the 866 and ask them to locate one for you
  3. I love this bag. I would think the charms might get cumbersome (ARE THEY SANDRA?). It does kinda remind me of the mama.
  4. I love the Customised Mini Pleaty!!! It's amazing IRL... I hope you can find one! :biggrin:
  5. the charms aren't cumbersome at all. i carried the bag out one night and i loved the way the charms tinkled together
  6. It's LE. I love that! But for regular everyday wear, I still prefer the regular Denim Mini Pleaty (blue is my fave, followed by fuchsia).
  7. there are some still available, but you can also get a 2nd hand one. I son't even think the one on let-trade is used?? It's $1799 on let-trade

    Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~ item # x94!!!

    It's cute!