Denim Mini Pleaty or Vernis Reade PM?

  1. Ok,im getting a new purse as soon as i decide which one!!! HELP!!!! Pink mini denim pleaty or framboise vernis reade pm?
  2. I'd get the Fuchsia Denim Mini Pleaty... the fuchsia is discontinued and a little harder to find. I'd get that one if you can find it. ;)
  3. Mini Pleaty! :yes:
  4. :tup:Mini Pleaty
  5. Get the mini pleaty I have it and love it. Its in all around bag.
  6. OK, well thank u everyone! BUT i just ordered the ivorie epi speedy! this bag has been in my mind for awhile now and it was a gut instinct. of course i will get the others sometime!
  7. denim pleaty!! Its got a closed top and can be carried both ways! x
  8. Love the denim pleaty..
  9. I love the denim pleaty too! I like the curvy shape.
  10. i am all into the mini pleaty right now, i don't know why!