Denim Mini Pleaty Datecodes? Help!

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  1. Hi all :heart:.

    Ok. I was looking at my date code on my Denim Mini Pleaty in Lichen...and I don't know if I'm catching the 1st character of my datecode correctly. It's either CA0026 or 0A0026...which one is it more likely to be? My eyes can't decipher which one is correct, lol. All the rest are very clear but that one 1st letter is confusing me. I 90% THINK it is more so the CA, but I wanna make perfectly sure I'm reading it correctly because I'm thinking of getting rid of it and of course want exact accuracy. I already tried taking a picture of it, but it comes out worse than my own eyes see it lol. Thanks all for any help :heart:
  2. Is it made in Spain? If it is then it's CA. Don't think there's an " OA".
  3. Yes! She is made in Spain :yes:

    Thank you so much! I thought I was seeing more of a C-ish shape... hehe.
  4. I think it's "CA" too.. never heard of "OA".

    And lucky you! I love the Denim Mini Pleaty!!