1. Which of those line you like the best, most wanted?:biggrin:
    I am thinking the Denim, and you?:amuse:
  2. I just love the MC white. The denim and onatah are o.k but nothing for me.
  3. I dont like the denim because it dosent hold its shape. It kind of looks frumpy to me. The MC white is awsome!
  4. More MC fans here!
  5. MC MC MC! I like the black though- it really makes the colors "pop" and doesn't show dirt :P
  6. Heck, I love them all :love: :love: :love:
  7. :lol: LOL
  8. Personally I think the new Onatah line is very creative and nice colors and MCs are more classic.
  9. I like the MC and denim! I haven't seen the Onatah in person yet, but the pics look really nice.:biggrin:
  10. mc definitely
  11. Onatah
  12. I like the MC, I've had the denim and the quality wasn't there. The Onatah would be nice if it werent suede :sad:
  13. Yeah too bad the suede but I just think MJ is such genius!
  14. Onatah;)
  15. Mc!!
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