Denim mavens, I need advice!

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  1. I'm 6' so I need really long jeans too...the only brand that I can usually find with 37" inseam is Rock & Republic.
  2. whatever u do, dont go for J brand. The jeans just keep sliding up and down as u move. Good luck. I know Siwy has jeans up to 35 inches long other than that i have not much idea. Perhaps 18th Amendment as well.
  3. I vote for Rock and Republic. I'm 5'9.5 and they are still too long for me.
  4. yes,
    R&R jeans have super lonnngg inseam.. that's why i don't have one cause even with heels it's still super longgg..
  5. I am going to sound like a broken I recommended these in another thread, but Bishop of Seventh jeans and pants are amazing. I work part-time at a boutique...and this is what all the ladies with looooooooong legs go for. The fit is incredible comfortable also.
  6. Gosh, I agree. Rock & Republic jeans are super long! I'm only 5'2" and I have to get them hemmed SO MUCH. I wear a size 26 and those things are too long even to be folded short. Every time I buy a new pair that's unhemmed I think damn they modeled these on Gisele Bundchen cause on me they're that long. lol.
  7. Paige premium Denim and 7 for all Mankind would be my suggestions.