Denim mavens, I need advice!

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  1. Ok for all of you who are seriously into jeans, I need help. I am in desperate need of new jeans that FIT.

    That being said, I have a really weird body. I am 5'10. Extra tall on the bottom, and petite on top. My body is very short, while my legs are very long.

    I wear a size 32/12ish, and I would like for it to be really, really flattering. My inseam is 37", but I can do 36 if its the only one. I can always do longer, like 38'".

    Is there ANY brand, ANY style, ANY kind of jeans (besides Gap, they dont fit right) That will FIT ME?

    And I have tried Alloy, they are a good place, but their sizing is so hit and miss.
  2. Man this is difficult work :smile:

    I just scoured eBay but I can't find jeans in your size and inseam. I would also recommend looking into Paige, she makes extra long jeans too and they are so flattering.
  3. I'm 5'8", size 32 and all legs. My favorite is SFAMK The flynts and the A pockets are the styles I prefer because they're longer and I like the fit. I also love Joe's Jeans. Rock & Republic will be the longest, but have short rises so if you have hips, you'll have a lot of plumbers crack.
  4. I agree, I would surely say that premium denim is the best way to go for fit. You should probably go to a store that sells a variety of different styles because each of them fits differently. I would definitely say try Rock and Republic, True Religion, and SFAM because their jeans tend to come with a long inseam, especially TR.
  5. I actually find TR to be just as short as Joe's Jeans and William Rast. I buy those brands to wear with flats.
  6. Well, I'm only 5'3" but like you, I'm short-waisted. I'd recommend Paige, since I know they have long inseams, and they're low-waisted, so they'll help elongate your torso.

    I also have a pair of SFAMs that I love because they hit at the perfect spot on my waist. I'd recommend either of those brands...
  7. revolve carries anlo, a fave of mine cuz they make u look skinny. these are 35.5 in length. you can try and return for free.

    also, hudson jeans, which i personally own 8 pairs, come in supermodel length (that's what they're actually called). they make ur backside look great. got the pic below from these jeans are 35-37"

    i found this site while searching, and it's "for tall women, by tall women." they have this jeans section.
  8. I forgot about Hudson. I LOVE Hudson jeans. they're so soft and light weight.
  9. Don't People's Liberation run long as well? I swear they have an inseam that is miles long!
  10. I have a couple pair, but they're not my favorites.
  11. I would go with Citizens of Humanity Ingrid or Kelly. They are really flattering for all body types and have only a little bit of stretch so they kind of keep everything nice and tight. They sit really well and aren't too high or low waisted. They are my go to jeans. I am tall as well (about 5'8") and the last pair I bought I got about 2 inches cut off the bottom so I could wear them with flats and they are still plenty long.

    They are about $150 a pair, but the pair I have on now I've had for 2 or 3 years and they still look good despite the fact I don't take very good care of them. I highly recommend them as a nice jean that you can dress up or down. If you prefer flares, go with the Ingrid, if you want something more boot cut, then the Kellys.

    Pacific wash is probably my favorite, it's a classic denim color but is dark enough to dress up as well. Colorado is nice too if you are looking for something more casual/fun.

    Hope this helps!
  12. in my experience, Rock & Republic has had the longest inseams. I have had some pairs with inseams like 38"+. My SFAMs/Citizens/TR usually only have around a 34" inseam for regular length. I don't know how much longer their long lengths would be. Rock & Republics "standard" length is always 35"+ for the pairs which have come out in recent years. I have never had a pair that had a shorter inseam length than 35" that was unaltered.
  13. I'm only 5'6" (I would love to be 5'10"!) and I have a few pairs of jeans that are too long even in 4+inch heels! I would recommend Hudson, R&R, Notify and J Brand! I hope that helps!
  14. J Brand, R&R, dVb, True Religion, Acne and Superfines!!! These are THE BEST brands for jeans you can get!