Denim Mabel on it's way!

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  1. Just pressed "buy it now"....(one two many glasses of delicious wine?) - gorgeous denim Mabel! I've wanted this bag, not that I actually need it, but:love:...Will have to let one go now, guess it will be the ocean blue Mabel.
    Will post pics, but be patient....I am in Norway, so I usually wait 1 to 2 weeks to get my new babies.
  2. :nuts::nuts:
    I just saw that it was gone - had it on my Ebay watchlist too - and wondered whether it was another tpf'er!! Congrats Kris - it's a beautiful bag!
  3. Ooh Kris, the denim mabel is gorgeous. I just love mine.
  4. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing photos when you get it!
  5. Well done-great choice:biggrin: looking forward to modelling pics:smile:
  6. Congratulations it looks a lovely colour!
  7. Congrats Kriscat. Can't wait to see modelling pics.
  8. Well done Kris, good or more than the compensation of the recent messenger loss!

    (However is this included in that £9,000 total??? - only joking :graucho: )
  9. lovely bue mable well done hunny cant wait to see xxx enjoy
  10. ^^No, will have to add and subtract...if I sell the ocean blue..
  11. Congrats Kris, it's a lovely bag and a fabulous colour!
  12. Congratulations! Denim is a lovely colour. Looking forward to your pics.
  13. Lovely choice Kriscat, I've always been drawn to denim Mabel.
  14. Excellent! I love the denim colour with the silver hardware, it's so summery! I agree with ratrat, this more than makes up for the Antony loss. :smile:
  15. I love the denim mabel! Good choice, Kris!