Denim LV's can they really make good fakes?

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Dec 27, 2005
My friend has been looking for her first LV and has a chance to buy a pink denim LV shoulder bag from a coworker. They are not friends in any way but work in the same building. I do know this woman has a large purse wardrobe and does buy from Saks because another coworker shops with her but my friend also told me she has attended those at home purse parties. (UGH) My friend saw this LV denim bag twice and says it is perfect but the lady selling it says all sales are final.......that it is real.
I know every bag seems to be faked these days but would like to ask can they get something like the denim line to actually look real? I have seen some fake speedys that look good but if you have a real one you can see and feel the difference if you are holding it in your hands. I just have a feeling my friend might get burned and not even know it.
She is so desperate to get a LV bag and the woman is asking something in the $700.00+ price range and telling my friend what a steal it is.......
I tried showing my friend bags on IOffer and telling her to look how the material is and the purse looks because so many look horrible unless they copy LV stock photos. I also let her see my LV purses and the leather straps and how they stitch the bags but I don't think she would really be one to spot the difference.
Has anyone seen the LV denim line copied where it can fool a person?
I just think anyone who goes to purse parties once every 2-3 months and buys many purses might be setting my friend up.
Aug 14, 2009
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! She is MUCH better off saving for a little longer and knowing she has a real one. She could also consider getting pics of it and sending them to to authenticate it. But she needs to make sure she gets pics of what she is actually buying and not a bunch of stolen pics.


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Unfortunately, we do not condone the discussion of fakes, including quality of fakes on this board. :nogood:

If you could ask your friend to get the item authenticated before purchase, she may be getting a deal, but caveat emptor !
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