Denim LV with Chains?

  1. I was at an affair yesterday and saw a woman carrying what looked like an LV monogram denim (the washed blue color) bag that looked much like a Neo Speedy, or maybe a Baggy PM, but the shoulder strap was attached to the body of the bag with several links of big, bold, brass chains. I just looked at the and elux websites and could not find a match. Was this a fake? It was REALLY cute!
  2. Did the handle have red as well....if so it sounds like the LE neo.

    There were fakes, so how knows.
  3. I've seen that bag around here.....usually see the fake of it.
  4. Does anyone have a pic or a link for the LE neo? I can't seem to come up with it. I don't think this one had the red.:confused1:
  5. The LE neo was trimmed in red....I believe. The regular neo that is still around is the one with vachetta, but no chains. I was disappointed when they came out because it was first shown to have chains and then that all changed. Only the red trimmed one had chains.
  6. Well, I really don't think this one was trimmed in red, but it certainly did have chains and they looked so great! So maybe it was a knock-off:sad:.
  7. lv denim.JPG
  8. love the LE neo, what did it retail at? Let-trade had one listed few months back for $5000.
  9. The LE neo is what lured me to LV. I wish I had the funds to purchase it at the time. Hopefully, sometime in the future when I have the money, I can get it. It's my favorite denim bag.