denim: long lasting?

  1. So when it comes to Louis Vuitton, I'm never 100% satisfied. I've gone through both a BV and a Saleya MM in about 3 weeks, and ended up getting rid of both. I'm just never completely happy with any LV I get (except my speedies, but I can't exactly have 10 of those...(can I?)). Anywho, I'm on the quest for the perfect everyday bag, and I can't seem to find it. I had my eye on the Trevi but decided it was a bit too 'stiff' looking; then I wanted an Azur speedy 30, but was afraid of getting it dirty. I really wanted something in damier since I'm not really a mono girl, but I don't I have my eye on the denim baggy pm. Does anyone know how durable this fabric is? I'm sure it won't last as long as the mono/damier canvas, but does it stand up to everyday use?
  2. I never owned a LV denim bag but I owned a FCUK one... and I found it to be very longlasting. I never had a problem with it and it's a carefree material.
  3. I also never owned a denim LV.. but I have had a coach denim cotton one.. and it was VERY durable. I'm pretty sure that LV is just as good if not better than coach. ^^;
  4. I have 2 LV denim bags...had another but sold it. It is very durable. I got some spaghetti sauce on my patchwork wiped right off. I was in shock!! I LOVE the denim line and always get a ton of compliments because it's so different!

  5. ^^^^^^^

    I would have died !!!!!
    but I'm glad you were able to save it....
    Now if THAT's not durable denim, I don't know WHAT IS !!!
  6. No problem, it's denim...denim has been around forever
  7. I have a Denim Baggy PM and I love it.... It is very durable!!!
  8. I guess it can be long lasting if you take care of your bags. I've seen some re-sale denim bags that looks amazing and some show wear on the corners. I guess, overall, the fabric IS pretty durable.
  9. ^Yeah I agree. I hope to get a Cabby and I don't have any worries about the material at all, I think it'll hold up very well.
  10. I' ve got the pink and green and now the black. Other than worrying about the vachetta I have pretty much tossed them around. I'm really enjoying the black neo cabby, and there's no vachetta to worry about! They're tough and really durable, I love them and have gotten tons of compliments about them.
  11. I love the denim bags they are so nice.
  12. I love the denim! I have 4 denim bags, and I just sold one so I HAD 5! I also have 8 speedies in different fabrics of course, so if you like the speedy then just stick with that! ;)
  13. I have the denim pleaty. I find that the material is quite fuss free, and I don't usually baby my bags... love this range!
  14. Good to know! :nuts:
  15. THe denim line looks amazing IMO but I was afriad of it 'thinning' as well. So great to hear that it's durable and carefree! I'm gonna go look for one I want on the LV site now! ^^