Denim line here to stay?


denim line here to stay?

  1. Passed it's expiration date, consider it spoiled

  2. Has no shelf life, will last forever

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  1. I am very seriously considering a neo speedy in blue denim but have only one concern. Is this bag going to be a classic style or will it be tres out in some years? If I am going to spend that much money on a bag I need to know it will be in style for a long time, like 10 yrs, to warrant spending that much. What's your opinion on the denim line? It will take me a year to save for it, I am getting the bv this June and so I am essentially planning my next big purchase to save for.
  2. Honestly, I don't think it will become a classic LV style... but as I will still wear jeans in ten years, I will also carry my Denim Speedy :p
    Love this bag :love:
  3. ^^ totally agree.

    Regardless of style, wear why you enjoy! its a handbag, and like the above poster said if you're in jeans its not a big issue.
  4. thanks gergirl for your opinion! I know you have this bag, I spied it in the denim club thread! Did the denim line come out last year? I just only recently got into lv but only spotted a couple of denim bags, and they were this past summer. I figure we have at least 6 more yrs right? lol
  5. thanks bag fetish, we were posting at the same time. I wish I were more relaxed I'm obsessed with not looking passee and that's why I pretty much stick to classics like monogram bags in mono and damier. i would really like a more springy summery fabric though.
  6. I wish I had put a 3rd choice in my poll, like 'still fresh but will rot at some point', for those that think it's still in but will eventually go out.
  7. I think they came out in 2005.
    Got mine in 2006 - the bag I used most since then :yes: :love:
  8. I live in cold climate and I plan on wearing it to death during the months of April-Sep. our hot/mild season. Was it around then the spring/summer of '05? l really didn't see it until last summer.
  9. I think the denim will stay. The new denim patch..I have to think about that..although it's cute, but maybe less classic than the regular denim.
    and I love my neo speedy..always got compliments for it
  10. Well I think the shape is a classic and jeans have been around for at least 100 years. But perhaps it's more a younger bag?
    That said I have the mini pleaty and the neo speedy in blue and am seriously considering the baggy PM. I think it's a gorgeous line and perfect when you don't have to be all formal! A breath of fresh air lol
  11. As far as I know, it came out for S/S 05... but I didn't pay attention to it until Spring 06 :shrugs:
    I thought I wouldn't wear it in winter, but I did :yes: Poor Speedy got completely wet a few times :shame:
  12. i think it will stay too!
    if denim jeans have lasted long, then why shouldnt the denim bags?
  13. I hope it stays! I am hoping to buy one, as I am always in jeans outside of work. It seems like it would compliment it so well!
  14. I love my neo speedy and hope to use it for a loooooooooooooooong time !!!
  15. I think it's a great line and I'd wear mine forever!