Denim key/change holder in pink or green?

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  1. -Mods, I'm not sure if this is the right forum-

    I'm getting the black Neo Cabby, and I would like the denim key/change holder in pink or green. (I think they made them)

    I know those colors are discontinued, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen them still in Boutiques...

    A lot of other Cles would look great with the bag too, but options are always good :smile:

  2. Funny......I was almost positive, they didn't make any denim accessory cles in any color but blue?......
  3. I also thought they only came in blue.
  4. the cles was a recent denim release and only came in blue, im hoping it will eventually come in black though.
  5. Yup, the Denim Cles was only made in blue.
  6. i wonder why they only came out in blue? I would go for some pink accessories.
  7. ^^^^ The lichen and fuchsia were d/c'd a bit before the Cles was produced, weren't they?
  8. Like they said, only in blue...wish they did make them in the other colors!!
  9. Thanks for the replies!

    It wasn't the answer I was wishing for, but at least now I don't have to worry about hunting them down ;)

    Hopefully we will eventually get a color other than blue.
  10. i would be all OVER the green one if it was out lol!
  11. they just recently came out and only in blue i wish they had pink tooo
  12. They only came in the blue denim.