Denim jeans w/ Denim bag too much?

  1. I like the monogram Denim Mini Pleaty bag and often wear blue, denim jeans. Do you think it's too much denim to combine both? :confused1:
  2. with the mini pleaty i don't think its too much. i wear jeans with my mini pleaty.
  3. It's not too much - it's the way to wear it. I usually wear my denim flat shopper with plain jeans LV denim sandals and a LV denim belt with a plain top. I looks great. Not over the top. Even my LV SA thinks it looks great. Just be confident. It's your style and what you like and is comfortable with.
  4. :wtf::confused1::push::sWhaaaat.. DOUBLE DENIM??!!!!!!! :yucky::throwup::weird::noggin:

    Lol. Nah, should be fine. Just don't add a denim jacket..
  5. I do not have one. But I have seen a lot of people with the denim speedy.

    I think its lovely to. It will be fine.

  6. Yeah a matching denim jacket is a big no no... or even a mis-matched denim jacket.. :wtf:

  7. That's too funny, people must think I'm crazy to be dressed in denim from head to toe plus a matching handbag.
  8. I think it will look great.
  9. I just sold my denim mini pleaty but I always wore it with jeans. It will look great!

    By the way, the only reason I sold it was because it was a tad small and I already had a myrtille speedy to go with jeans. The mini pleaty is a very cute bag.

    Good luck!
  10. :nogood: No not at all! It'll look cute! :yes:
  11. I have this dilemma with my baggy pm. I don't wear jeans a lot in the summer so it hasn't been a problem but I do wear them during the cooler months. I tend to like darker denim so I don't think it will look too bad. I just don't like that matchy denim look too much.
  12. I don't think it's too much...That's the way I wear my denim baggy all the time! I wear blue jeans all the time (except on really hot summer days, that's when those skirts come into action), and I think they go really well with the denim bag! :tup:
  13. ita!
  14. Whew. For a second, I thought this thread was about wearing LV mono denim jeans with a matching bag. <shudder>
  15. I think it will look just fine.