Denim Jackets + Singlet Tops =

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  1. smelly jackets LOL. I like to wear a maxi dress/strappy/singlet top with my denim jacket now as the weather is cooler - problem is the jacket has to be washed everytime after's not major smelly ;) but I'm conscious of it so just to be sure, wash my jacket after every wear but it's a hassle and not good to extend the life of the jacket! I guess its just life but am just wondering if there are any secrets out there to avoid this. I thought about wearing a t-shirt under my dress but really that look is out and with a singlet top it would look silly anyway LOL
  2. Any ideas? What does everyone else do? I guess it's not just for denim jackets but for blazers as well...must be annoying to dryclean everytime after wear.
  3. what is a singlet top?
  4. ^^ a tank