denim jacket rules

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  1. what are they? i just bought an a&f natalie denim jacket and i just realized i'm not sure how i can wear it. any tips?
  2. Wear with dresses, pencil skirts, cargo pants, khakis, leggings......
  3. my denim jacket rule is to stay far far away, unless its jeans day for children's hospital, or halloween. i know they're like coming back into style, but not for me.
  4. if i wear denim jacket...i probably wouldn't wear jeans to match...may be other material pants, leggings or skirts....

  5. ITA for my own wardrobe!! :nuts:

    hopefully OP can work it.
  6. I love jean jackets, I have several and think they are really fun and comfortable. The only rule I believe in is don't wear it with jeans in the exact same wash b/c it is too much of the same fabric head to toe. It's fine to wear it with jeans if you didn't buy the 2 together and they are different washes.
  7. I personally think that you should NEVER wear denim jeans AT ALL whilst wearing a denim jacket. I'd pair it with leggings, summer floral dresses and black jeans. For example, try wearing black skinnies, a long white tank, a black hoodie (like one from AA) and the jean jacket, which I think would look great for an urban/hip look. Good luck!
  8. Balenciaga did a really nice denim jacket a year or two ago - it looked like a jacket from a ladies' suit from the 1950s or 1960s. Unfortunately I feel too old to wear them now because I wore them 20 years ago. I also wear jeans alot and I feel weird wearing both.

  9. Hear hear! I'd wear it with ANYTHING but jeans!
  10. Agree with anything but jeans!
  11. denim rules... no doubt about that...
  12. NO J ON J! Meaning no jean jacket AND jeans/denim pants... it is just too much denim!
  13. I agree that you can wear anything with your denim jacket but no double denim! :smile:
  14. i think as long as the silhouette is modern and crisp, deniM jackets are classic and versatile. I wear mine with a any neutral bottom...anything but denim (no matter what the wash or style)! I also wear with skirts and dresses. It is a great casual topper imo.
  15. denim rulexx .. i love denim jackets.