Denim Help

  1. Earlier in the week I posted some questions about the denim mini pleaty and everyone was so helpful! I was going to get it in pink but decided on blue since I can wear this color all year. Well I was about to buy the mini pleaty on elux then saw all the pics of celebs with their regular pleaty bags and liked those as well. So here is my new question which bag is better the pleaty or mini pleaty. Does anyone have a pic of how much can fit in each. Many thanks for all of your help!!
  2. I think the Mini Pleaty fits about as much as a pochette does and the Pleaty fits maybe a couple more items? I've seen both in person and to me, the Pleaty really isn't ALL that big (unless I'm just used to BIG bags lol)..that's why when I get one, I'm going with the Mini.
  3. rebecca, thanks for your help. If they fit about the same I think I may go with the mini pleaty. Anyone own the pleaty and mini pleaty?
  4. You're welcome :smile:
    The Pleaty would definitely fit a bigger wallet like a PTI, but I think it would fit about the same as maybe the Sologne or Boulogne bags, if you've ever seen those...more like the Sologne actually, I think.
  5. I have two minis - pink and blue. They are both so cute. And surprisingly fit a lot of stuff. I have a small wallet, a candy bar sized phone, two lipsticks, a card sized digital camera, work badge, and blotting paper all fit in just fine.
    For my size (petite) mini pleaty looks better, though I'd love a pleaty!