Denim head?

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  1. For those of you in the D.C. metro area who love denim - quality denim...I have to recommend The Denim Bar. I went originally with my better half who is a true denim connoisseur and their staff cater to him like the Saks Chanel staff caters to me when I go in. I've never seen anything like it for denim!

    After much hemming and hawing we went in last night for me...keep in mind that I am not a slim woman and finding designer jeans for me is like trying to get Barbie into Skippers clothes. The Denim Bar's staff went to town and made me feel like a princess...and found jeans that look fantastic on me.

    Long story short - awesome customer service, fantastic product - and I had to let you ladies know! They even do alterations (I’m pretty sure they are free).

    It's down by Pentagon City Mall (1 block past Macys on Joyce Street).

    I had to share such a great shopping experience with you ladies.
  2. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to take the Metro over soon on my lunch hour
  3. One of the owner's names is Mauro, and their two best staffers are Jeff and Kristina - have fun, they are fantastic!
  4. I love it there! I've gotten 3 pairs of jeans from them, but really need to go when they aren't busy. Mauro used to work at Saks in Tyson's (denim specialist there), and prior to that, owned a boutique in Alexandria. It's nice that he's making a name for himself. I think I heard that he is designing his own line to debut this fall.
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