denim handbags.

  1. i really am not a fan of denim handbags...i feel like denim should be in my pants and that is all. am i crazy or do most people feel that way?
  2. i totally agree with you. i think denim bags are tacky.:yucky:
  3. I like some of them. Depends on the style. I have a Dooney one with a red lining and I get a lot of compliments on it.
  4. I dunno. I have a really cute vintage Gap bag by Emma Hill that is sooo unusual - I love her.
    I'm not usually a fan, but she's so vintage looking - two little straps, front pockets, cool magnetic's one of my faves. I don't wear it often, but she has a special place in my heart.... ;)
  5. The only denim handbag I like is the Louis Vuitton Fuchsia denim Baggy PM :biggrin:
  6. Even the Louis Vuitton ones?

    I actually think they are quite nice.

    I agree that some Denim bags can look really naff, but the LV ones are really nice, especially the Fold over Clutch one.
  7. The only denim bags I like are the LV ones... I actually have the blue Speedy :love:
  8. I like some denim bags... what I don't like are the ones that have aspects of my pair of jeans beyond denim... like the jean-shaped pockets, the stitching or other stuff.
  9. I have my denim Lv,
    Personally I love them :biggrin:
  10. I love denim handbags! I think if done well (especially not made to represent a pair of pants), they can look very cute. I really like the LV ones, and I have a Versace denim bag that looks adorable on- you can see pics of it in my collection link. But they're cute! Why should denim only be for pants???
  11. How do they hold up? I really like some of the LV denim bags but I'm leery of spending that kind of money for denim. Of course, now that I think about it, denim jeans are like iron and they get more "wear" than a bag would, right?
  12. what do you guys think about this? Its denim!:tup::tdown:
  13. Denim bags tacky?!? No, I dont agree, they are different and you dont see a lot of them about.
    I have the LV neo fuschia speedy, not tacky at all x
  14. I also think denim has it's place in the bag world....I've seen some that are wonderful.
  15. Denim is casual and so strongly associated with jeans to me that I personally wouldn't like a denim handbag. Give me a leather handbag any day!