Denim Gaucho, Yay or Nay? *Pic*

  1. I saw this on sale at the Dior store in HK for 3600HKD, which is about $460 USD I think. Great deal right? Should I get it?? :biggrin:
  2. I'm not really a fan of the denim gaucho because of the color of the wash but if you like it I say go ahead especially at that price.
  3. to be honest, i'm not a fan. but it only matters whether you like it! :yes:
  4. i like it, esp. at that price..

  5. I like the Gaucho in this color/fabric combo. The price is great.
  6. I just went to my local Dior store today, and also saw this on 50%sale, so I try on my shoulder but its just feel wrong for me, you should try it first, maybe you may like it if its fit on you perfectly!
  7. I saw it in person today and I think the denim part looks too green. Anyway, it's cheap.
  8. After looking at the denim on the bag it looks like it has fungus on it and it doesn't work for that bag... I say you can get a better bag!!!
  9. YES YES .. Thats a very GOOD PRICE
  10. I say yes. I bought the tiny one yesterday in manhasset, and really really like it. I prefer leather in the larger sizes but I thought the tiny demin one would be cute with khakis at like Disney world in the fall lol..Gawd, I am so morbid in my thinking (*yes lets buy expensive bags to go to Disney World cause khakis in the fall are very cool, very Gap, very chic with capris and a scoop necked cotton top*) lol
  11. I bought the denim mini and I'm really happy with it, I like the vintage look and the size is great, not too small, it holds everything I need.

    Is the bag you pictured a mini or regular size. That would be a steal for the regular size.
  12. It's for the regular size I believe. I tried it on too yesterday, and still didn't buy it. >_< I LOOOVE the price, but I just don't know if I love the bag. =/ The denim is very very greeeeen. @@
  13. I have discovered that I love the gaucho style and I think that bag is great. BUT I think you should get it because you love the bag and not mainly because it's cheap. If you get it because it's cheap, you probably won't wear it.
  14. I like the style, just not the denim colors. I like the leather ones much more. =/
  15. Yes anything in Gaucho is fab.I love the denim look.For that price I say yes go for it.