Denim Fuschia bags in Fall, Winter??

  1. Ok, I was reading the other post about MC white bags in Winter...

    So I thought, What about wearing your Denim Fuschia bags in Fall, and Winter?? I initially bought my Baggy GM for Summer. I forgot I had a similar color sweater that I could wear w/ my bag with for fall/winter. So I thought, "Who cares??" So now I'm thinking..."If I happen to wear something it may work with then I may just go ahead and wear it in the Fall/Winter.

    Btw, I live in So. Calif., and it's been hotter than BLEEP! It's good and hot here through all of Sept. barely cooling down til mid Oct. It's been in the 100s for the last few wks. and isn't expected to cool down either.
    Our winters are not too rainy either. So.....this leads me to believe that it would be dumb of me to put my Baggy GM away...when in fact the weathers good, etc.

    Are you going to wear your fuschia bags in fall/winter? If you lived in So. Calif. (like I do) would you wear them still or put 'em away?
  2. If I lived in Cali - YES. But in Canada I won't wear pink denim, or my blue denim for that matter, in the winter.
  3. You should be ok in Cali. I wouldn't wear it when it's snowing outside because of the denim material, but I would wear it in the winter if it matched my outfit.
  4. So true, we are lucky here...I pretty much wear/use everything year round.:beach:
  5. I read alot of posts in the past saying how it's mostly a summer bag, etc. But I'm like.."but here in So. Calif. it doesn't get real cold or rainy.." I'd think well...LOL PF'ers say they wouldn't wear it in fall/winter. :sad:

    LOL, that's why I wanted to clarify..if you lived in Calif. if you'd still wear it yr around.:wlae:

    Thx Irene!! YAY! ;)
  6. I say wear it year round, I live in South Jersey by the ocean and I would probably wear year round too or close to it! I like to have color! I love fall colors too, but who ever said we can only wear like brown in the fall! I suppose if I lived in a VERY cold climate I may have a different opinion, but since I live near the ocean and stuff it's only really cold here for a short time in the middle of winter....of course not as nice as CA though.....
  7. LVCRAZED and msbroberts! I want to do this to you (and everyone else who lives in Cali) :noggin:!!! I am so jealous of your weather!!!:lol:
  8. LOL msb, at your lil smiley taking in some rays! :lol: I didn't notice it before. (still waking up..) :Push:

  9. LOL Irene...:wlae: BUT, I'm so jealous of your LV collection!!:yes::P

    Can you believe last yr. it actually snowed here?? my backyard!! Was the weirdest thing..I was like :wtf: I mean snowflakes! Was brief for about 5-10 mins. was cool!:supacool: But strange!

    ps, Can u tell I love that Walking Like an Egyptian Smiley?? LOL!! Must be cuz I love the 80s!!!! That lil smiley is too cute!!!!!!! heehee!:jammin:
  10. I know we can be spoiled, even here in Nor Cal, winters are pretty mild, usually daytime temps are in the 60's, sometimes high 50's.

    We had one 'cold' spell that had everyone was grumbling because it was in the lower 40's over night, for four days in a row!!:roflmfao:
  11. I would wear it all year round. I love seeing bright colored bags in the winter matched with a dark jacket.
  12. MsB, I will think of you when I am digging my way out of my driveway in the winter!!!:wacko::lol: Although, last few winters we had were pretty mild so I am going to be nice and not make any nasty comments about mother nature!!!:flowers:

    LV, I love that smiley too!!! And Bangles was one of my FAVES in the 80s!!!:lol:
  13. Irene: me 2...(ok another excuse to use it)..:wlae: :lol:
  14. I say wear it year round or just when ever you want to!! I just wouldn't wear it on a cold rainy day...esp here in cali, if the sun is out, and it looks great with your outfit...go for it! cali is the best!!
  15. Living in your neck of the woods i'd wear it.
    I love pink so even in my area i'd probably carry once in a while.