Denim for Immortality Jeans

  1. has anyone tried this?

    i'm seriously thinking about getting their cigarette leg jeans but i dunno... still undecided... you think skinny jeans are here to stay?:smile:


    "With an A-list fan base which includes Mena Suvari, Rebecca Romijn, Molly Sims and Jessica Alba, this luxe line of premium denim is available with or without crystal detailing, for $170 - $250. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue."
  2. Hmmm.. i've never tried them.. but i heard that Levis has the best skinny jeans... I heard they're better than J-brand :shrugs:
  3. haven't tried these ones. but dark skinny jeans are hot for fall, not sure where it'll go after that..
  4. i have a pair of denim for immortality i believe they are bootcut though. I love them they are so comfy and nice u should go for it
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