Denim flat pouch v. White MC Pouch GM

  1. Not sure if that is the correct name for is the new white MC pouch (there are 2 different sizes--I like the largest one).

    What do you guys think would make a cuter clutch?? My LV boutique has both of them in stock...I tried them on in front of the mirror today and they were BOTH so cute!!!

    I can't buy both of them, so which one does everyone like better??

    TIA!!:smile: :heart:
  2. I like the MC one better, I have the denim it before the other came out :sad:
  3. I like the multicolore
  4. Ugh they BOTH are sooo cute!!

    What would you guys use the MC pouch for?? A clutch?? Or something else?
  5. I definitely like the MC better
  6. I thinking of getting the MC Pochette GM as a clutch and maybe to store my little valuables...:angel: It really is soooo cute...:heart:
  7. ^I loooove it!!! I was thinking of using it as a cosmetics case and clutch...the only thing I worry about is the color xfer from my damier speedy's lining