denim flat pouch for a guy ?

  1. hi guys,

    i'm looking for something where i could storage my everyday paper in my Naviglio bag and i REALY like the denim mono look (even more when the denim and the vachetta will have a nice patina).

    So what about a denim flat pouch for a guy ? :confused1:

    i realy like the cruise little pouch too with the B&T logo but i already know the answer ... NO WAY ! :shrugs:

  2. I think no, sorry.
  3. Fred, I think the denim flat pouch is good for either sex. It does not look feminine to me at all. I say go for it :yahoo: :yes:
  4. Sorry... what does the denim flat pouch look like? Wouldn't papers get wrinkled in a soft pouch?
  5. picture :
    p11277291_ph_detail_02.jpg p11277291_ph_hero.jpg
  6. Who cares ? it's just an excuse honey :p
  7. Go for it Fred, it's cute, classy and a fun piece too! I also think you could keep other stuff in there too, not just papers.
  8. Buy what you like

    Bougt a Mini hermès bolide for New year, and I sometimes use my Poch acc as a cluth

    I don't give a f*ck what people think as long as I like it!
    Do your thing!
  9. I think inside shoulder bag for organisation as You said it will be fine. I think You should go for it!
  10. i've seen your post about the miroir eBay auction ... i'm from Belgium too :yes:

  11. I dont think so
  12. ^ i agree....
  13. I think you should go for it.
  14. Its really cute, but a tad girly.
  15. It's cute and you can make it work, go for it!