Denim Ergo Skinny?????

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  1. Has anyone seen a Denim Ergo Skinny?

    They are not on - but that doesn't mean they don't exist that just means they are not on!
  2. I asked at a coach store and they said that they don't exist
  3. That's too bad - I think it would be cute!
  4. Poking around on the Japanese site I see - They do Japan!

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  5. i saw a couple of the older denim signature stripe mini skinnys on ebay that would be really cute too... :yes:
  6. Saw those at the outlet too, along with wristlets.
  7. That ergo one is adorable!
  8. I saw that on the Japan site and it's so cute. I wish they were selling that mini skinny at the boutique to match my new wrislet.
  9. Try at a department store, like Macy's or Dillards. Lots of times they make the mini skinny's department store exclusives!
  10. Call JAX...they may have it in stock!:yes:
  11. I have checked the department stores here and no go!