Denim Ergo Framed Pleated Hobo Info From Macys

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  1. After seeing this in another post the other day I did some sleuthing today with Macys.
    I was on the phone for 40 minutes with the nicest lady. I don't know if the info she gave me is correct but I'll share what I learned. The bag is not showing in all 'regions' yet and she said the bag would not be available on their website. There were alot of 'hold on for a minute' moments and after a couple of those I believe she did find the bag and was able to order it for me.Assuming the order goes through, she said it would ship within 10-14 days. Shipping was $22 - yikes. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but assuming it arrives, she said I can return it at the store and use the F&F to re-purchase it if I wish. I guess we'll see.

    Anyone else tried to order yet?

    I was so excited I really didn't realize the 'framed' part of the bag even though that's pretty clear in the description! Thoughts on this feature?
  2. Isn't this the same as the pleated satchel being discussed in the other thread, only in signature?

    It is very cute in the denim - congrats! I can't wait to see your pics! :yahoo:
  3. I love this bag out of all the kiss lock bags but I'd actually prefer it in a hobo style. It's super cute though! Make sure you post LOTS of pics when you get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  4. That's pretty cute! Good detective work! Make sure to take pics when you get it! and YIKES $22 dollars??
  5. I think it's cute. I would prefer a zipper or snap closure for myself, but I love the looks of the kisslock:tup:
  6. That is a great bag!
  7. Looks cute!
  8. Great Detective work on your part. The Pleated design is also very stylish in Denim. I hope you're able to get her...
  9. Hello, may I ask how much it was? The style number and when it will come out? Which thread talk about this? I know lots of question.....all coz I am liking the bag:love:

  10. daanng. i work at macys and couldnt get someone to find it for me:sad: . if you dont mind me asking, which macys did you order from? oh and depending on which type of macys card (if you have one) the shipping could have been free.
  11. Why would a brand-new, not even in stores yet, authentic bag not have the hangtag??? Not that you have the answer...I just think it's odd.
  12. Enjoy your new bag!
  13. I didn't even notice that admat, but you're right and that is very odd. Does this even have tags on it still?? I gotta go check.
  14. I love this. I didnt really like the pleated ergo in leather but I love this.