Denim Dilemma--help me decide


Which two patchwork bags?

  1. Grey Bowly and Grey Speedy!!

  2. Both Grey and Blue Bowly!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I love LV denim. No doubt about it. Just as some are in love with Mono, Vernis or other LV lines.

    But there are two new denim patchwork bags coming out that I really want. The bowly in grey and possibly the speedy in grey. Or both bowlys in grey and blue.

    I'm getting rid of one of my denim cruise bags ( porte epaule) to make room for these babies. So that's why I don't want a blue speedy.

    Which ones? Bowly and Speedy or Bowly and Bowly? :shrugs:

    For those who think that you should not have two of the same bag---this does not apply to me. I love duplicates.

    I have the MC speedy in blackand white, I have two Chanel reporters in black and white, I have two LV baggys in blue and fucshia and duplicates in a Isabella Fiore hobo :shame:

    I just want opinion on which bags would be the smarter purchase IF I decide on two.

    Again-- Bowly in Grey and Speedy in grey OR bowly in grey and bowly in blue




  2. My vote was for the grey bowly and grey speedy, coz i think the speedy is cuttte!
  3. why not the grey speedy and the blue bowly?
  4. I :heart: the speedy, so I vote bowly + speedy!
  5. Aww I liked the Epaule..

    I don't really like the patchwork bags but um...maybe the grey bowly and the grey speedy. The Speedy is cuter IMO.
  6. I can't vote b/c it's not an option - one of each - grey speedy and denim bowly
  7. I'm not a huge fan of this line, but I like the Speedy better... so Speedy + Bowly...
  8. I voted for the Blue and Grey Bowly's but I think the Speedy's are cuter.
  9. I like the grey denim speedy the most.
  10. Bowly and Speedy.

  11. because I DEFINITLY have to get the grey bowly. I saw it in person at the trunk show and loved it. :heart:
  12. My vote went for the Grey Bowly and Grey Speedy :yes:
  13. I would vote for Grey Bowly and Grey Speedy as well.
  14. HMMM. Bowly and speedy winning so far
  15. speedy!