Denim Desktop Wallpapers

  1. Hi everyone this is my first post :sweatdrop:

    I've been lurking around this forum for a while now and today i was admiring lots of wallpapers posted on here but was unable to find any denim ones, so..... tada - i made some for you, one in blue denim and one in fuchsia denim. I hope you like them :shame:

    Enjoy :smile:

  2. sweet, thanks! and welcome to tpf!
  3. thankyou ! welcome to tpf ! :flowers:
  4. Neat .... Thank You.

    Welcome to tPF! :welcome:
  5. great job! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Sweet!! Thank you!
  7. Thank you!! Welcome!!!
  8. thanks for your great efforts! love them all
  9. thanks everyone! :smile:
  10. nice. thanks i am always on the look out for these!
  11. How cute! Thanks!
  12. Sweet thanks, im going to send those to my cell phone :smile:
  13. Thanks, and welcome!
  14. I also quickly made some matching black denim for u all :smile: Here u go:

  15. Thanky!!!!!! :yes: ...and Welcome to tPF!! :welcome: