denim cruise

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  1. they are so cute~~~

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  2. Some of the forum members have the GM and PM, you should do a search!
  3. Indeed. The Custom Mini Pleaty is sooo cute IRL!!! I woulda bought it if I had use for it... and if I was a woman. :lol:
  4. John, I saw a guy in the mall carrying a papillon on Friday! :nuts:
  5. I really like the GM more and more everytime I see pics of it
  6. I have the IS very large IRL..But I like it better than the MM size
  7. Jill and Iluvbags, can you post pictures carrying the bag?
  8. ^ I will as soon as I buy a new camera charger.My camera died today and I have a feeling my charger was left in customs when I got back from France..LOLOL!
  9. cruise collection is one of my favs!! (next to azur) alas, I can't afford it though :sad: oh well...
  10. I love the mini pleaty!
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