Denim Cruise Question..!!

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  1. GIrls...!
    just wondering what the mini pleaty raye costs?? :confused1: and whether it's actually still attainable.... :push:
    p.s anyone seen one in the vancouver stores? or maybe edmonton? :shrugs:

    i didin't really like the original version that much.. it's cute, but i couldn't spend that much on denim :sweatdrop: but the denim cruise edition is GORGEOUS...!!! love the striped different denim wash effect! :love:
  2. Should be about 960$CAD (plus/minus 5$)
  3. ^^ Works out about right....
    cruise pleaty.jpg
  4. It's just adorable & I love that it can go over your shoulder
  5. I bought it off of Elux for 900. I get A LOT of compliments when I use this bag.
  6. hmmm.... $200 more than the plain mini pleaty... :push:

    worth it? or not..? :shrugs: for a 'night out' bag... anybody know if it's easy to clean?
  7. It is bigger than the mini pleaty. The difference is pretty noticable.
  8. imo all canvas/fabric/cotton materials are hard to maintain... However, it'll depend on how much you take care of it and how much you use it. :yes:
  9. Doesnt seem like that big a difference.
  10. $900 for something made of jeans?! Geez, that is steep. Not to mention the pain of keeping it clean. Denim fabric absorbs dirt and grime. I love my leather and coated canvas.
  11. really? it looks the same....
  12. An inch difference
  13. WORTH IT!
  14. The Cruise Mini Pleaty is so cute, I wanted one but got the Roxbury instead. I still may get it down the line, I love the design-way better than the regular Denim Mini Pleaty, IMO.

  15. WOW THANKS...!!!!! :nuts: