Denim cruise cabas?

  1. I'm in LOVE with this bag. I'm worried the bottom and the fabric will be damaged after heavy use.

    I hear this is a limited hard is it to find one? and how much is it in US?

    Do you think it's too big to carry every day?
  2. I think it's too big to carry everyday and the price was around $1950??
  3. I bought one and promptly returned it it think it was about $2000, this lining was way to delicate for all the heavy stuff I was gonna put in it (it was a beautiful bag though)
  4. I received it for christmas ( husband gift)
    my opinion : Too big especially with the red strap
    I agree with Jeana, strange difference between the denim and the heavy stuff ...
    but nice bag !
    i need the denim wedge shoes now lol