Denim Cruise Cabas Raye- confusion

  1. HI
    could somebody tell me pls what "stamp" on cabas raye should look like, is it "LOUIS VUITTON TRANKS &BAGS" or "LOUIS VUITTON'S TRANKS AND BAGS" i really would like to get one, so i've done some research over the net and i got confused:shrugs: . On the LV website the stamp says "LUIS VUITTON'S" then on some pic. posted on the LV forum (and eBay) it says LOUIS VUITTON. i'm attaching both pic.hope the owner doesn't mind :sweatdrop:
    thank u
  2. the pics on the LV web site are usually pics of the prototypes. have you treid searching the forum for pics of it. a few members have that bag
  3. be careful if buying on eBay this bag has been faked and looks pretty convincing in pics
  4. I have one..Pics are in my bag showcase
  5. Thanks for the advice, the pic. i found on the forum have the stamp "LOUIS VUITTON TRANKS&BAGS" and i believe that nobody here would dare to post a fake bag's pic:biggrin:
    at last i can sleep in peace :winkiss:
  6. Yeah, I have one too. It's in my bag showcase.