Denim Corners - Do They Wear Out?


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Oct 4, 2006
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Hey everyone and Happy Monday! I'm so excited because I'm purchasing a beautiful Baggy PM in Denim Blue and I'm so afraid it's going to start off a trigger fire of Denim Love. :sweatdrop:

Anyway, as I'm contemplating my future purchases and what to save up for, I've wondered whether the denim corners will wear out. I mean, I know that the vachetta or frankly, any bag shows some wear on the bottom corners. It's just what happens regardless of how you wear your bags...sometimes it just takes longer than others....

Do any of you guys happen to have your Denim (fill in the blank) and had bad things happen to your bottom corners or do you find that the denim wears like iron?

TIA! ;)
Nov 18, 2006
I am also interested in knowing this, I love the Denim line, but havent bought any because im not sure about the durability...
Apr 8, 2007
I had a Cabby, but sold it because I felt it wore out too fast. The edges definitely feel the wear and tear the most. I love the denim line, but for the money I want my bag to last longer than 3 months without showing wear and tear.


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Dec 14, 2006
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My experience so far with Denim is... it wears like IRON! I have the Baggy GM in Lichen (the mossy green color, now discontinued.) I haven't noticed any signs of wear to the fabric at all. It started out with that faded, washed look and still has that look. Actually, as the vachetta has begun to patina, it looks even better than it did at first!

I'll also add, I took this bag with me on a recent trip to New Orleans because I wanted the comfort of a lighter-weight shoulder bag. What a terrific choice! I was able to just kick it under the seat in front of me on my 4 airplane flights, which I would never have done with any of my good mono bags. It held a ton when it needed to, and it always looked appropriate. Women everywhere noticed it and complimented me on it (shopkeepers, fellow travelers, waitresses, etc.)

So, don't worry 'bout your LV denim -- it is great!


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Jan 26, 2008
I just started using my Denim XL and I LOVE it--I so hope that my experience is similar to Beth001's--I want "iron!"

I'll post an update to this thread if I see any signs of wear! I plan on using this baby for quite some time!


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Jun 16, 2006
I have had my Fuchsia Denim Neo Speedy for over a year and it isn't showing any addtional signs of wear other than a slight patina. My Black Denim XL was a xmas present and was worn almost nonstop for months and again no signs of wear. I have even used my Denim XL as a carryon. IMO denim is a great material that holds up well to use. I would love to pick up additional denim pieces... I just them them to release additional colors.

I must say that I do my best to store my bags properly when they are not in use. They have a designated bookcase and are kept in their sleepers. I think this helps with maintaining that fresh/new look.