Denim Colors?

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  1. So am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will not be getting my hands on a Fuschia Denim Neo Speedy before they run out. :hysteric: Does anyone have any ideas what other colors will be coming available? I am trying to console myself with the idea that an even better color will come out some time in the future. :graucho: TIA! :flowers:
  2. black :yes:
  3. Yup, a fellow PF'er posted a new thread a few days ago that black was going to be a new color added to denim bags.

    Well black denim already existed with the Quilted Denim bags, such as the Linda and Musette.
  4. Thanks John and Glamourette! Black seems so .... not a color... haha I know that doesnt make sense.

    But I was hoping that there would be some options with colors that would really stand out. Similar to the striking look of the Fuschia.
  5. Ahhh.. I see what you mean.

    I can't really imagine any other brighter colors being produced in denim... it would look weird, IMO.
  6. I know what you mean ;)
  7. i have the pink denim speedy and a ton of the blue denim. when the black comes out I will buy it for sure. would really like black denim speedy or baggy GM
  8. What news about the black denim. I can't wait to see it, if it is true that is.

    What about red denim or purple. It is hard to imagine another color besides fuchsia and lichen. Those two colors are gorgeous besides the blue denim!
  9. Any news on when the black denim will be released?
  10. i am just hoping i can get a hold of a lichen! i love that green!
  11. I just got the fuchsia neo speedy~Absolutely love it!! Now I WANT the lichen too!! But theres NONE left in Australia....AND...I'm on a BAN!!!!

  12. john i saw the grey bowly,is the darker shade of denim on it is the black denim you're talking about? thanks!
  13. Oooh .... a purple color would look nice. :girlsigh:

    I wanted the one in Fuschia too but doesn't look like I will be able to get one anytime before they are all gone. :crybaby:

    Looking forward to see what the black one will look like. :love:
  14. the fuschia and lichen are limited colors? i can't imagine a black denim. makes me think of those black jeans you'd wear at some construction site lol.
  15. There is a GORGEOUS black denim bag in let-trade now. It's the linda shoulder bag. I believe it is from the quilted denim collection they had?? It's a beauty. I would definately purchase a black denim bag!